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Testimonials – Social Good Lab


This class was How to be a Human 101. Dr. H. challenges you each and every day not just to learn about the world around but to learn about yourself and decide how you want live in it. No other class that I took in college impacted me like it.” 

– Mark Herring (’18)

We create and develop our own knowledge. We are our own teacher; we rejected the traditional classroom structure and channeled this dynamic into our approach towards development. Our student-centered philosophy created our client-centered approach. All of our programs have reflected this value. It was a decision made by students, our thoughts and convictions are our own and we own them.”

– Santiago Sueiro (’13)

We brought our own ideas to life…The work was difficult but incredibly rewarding and, in the end, we could take ownership of the work and realize it was our own—we created something of value to others. This class is essential for those who wish to create meaningful work and effect change.” 

– Marina Castro-Meirelles (’17)

…unlike any other class I had participated in—class work was primarily participatory, homework self-directed, and traditional grading inadequate in capturing the real and consequential outcomes of our research, programs, and fieldwork. The compilation of people and experiences enhanced my understanding of the world and made me a stronger professional, student, and person.” 

– Sarah Alvarez (’12)

The educational experience I had longed for. I learned through experience.  I made mistakes and it was in the moments where I stood back up and pushed through that gave character.  It was this experience that has in many ways attributed to who I am today.” 

– Daniel Tees (’12)