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Our Code – Social Good Lab


The Social Good Lab is more than just a class. We are a tribe. We are fiercely committed to our ethos, each other and our clients. We are a language. We are a walk. We are a way. We are a rite of passage, an act of transformation, a process of conversion. We’re not for everyone. But, we gladly welcome anyone to try us on for size. If you think we’re for you, then we ask this of you:

Always say WE.


Take the wheel.

No one is going to tell you what to do, when to do it or how to do it. There is no road-map. There is no text-book. There is no teaching assistant. This class is barely being taught. Make your own way.

Bring on your wrecking ball.

Take on the status quo. Always ask “Why?” You know you want to knock down the Lego tower. Do it. We thrive on the creative destruction of each new cohort of students.

Don’t wait for a hall pass.

Do not ask for permission. Take action. Take a risk. Go make a mistake. You are going to anyway. When you do, hold yourself accountable. Then go fix it. Forgiveness is forthcoming for those who take the imitative.

Get on your red, white and blue motorcycle leathers.

A chasm separates you in your comfort zone from where we need you to be. Get on your motorcycle and make the jump! Your life depends on it. We are waiting for you to join us.

Politely tell Barbie and Ken to *%#@ off!

Perfect does not do. Perfect does not work. Perfect does not get its soft manicured hands dirty. You are here to produce. You are not here to win a beauty contest. Misshapen. Uneven. Imperfect. It does not matter. You will get in your big, brown, boxy truck and deliver.

Trust Obi-wan and let go.

When it comes time to deliver, you will disengage external feedback systems, take a deep breath, and pull the trigger. It always comes together. There is no other ending. We are your Han, R2 and Wedge.

Take it on the chin.

We work in a harsh and unforgiving environment. It’s called reality. Your carefully crafted classroom projects will not survive first contact unscathed. There will be setbacks. Do not look around for someone or something else blame. Get up. Brush yourself off. And, iterate your way to a solution.

Remain monogamous.

This is not a project that you turn in, get a grade, and then go on break.  We are not flirting. This is no quickie. We are in it for the long-term. Get ready to commit.

Talk back to teacher.

Dr. H is not an expert. Be stingy with your head nods of approval. Dr. H is not in charge. Challenge his authority. Question his decisions. Voice an alternative direction.

Just remember…

You will bite off more than you can chew. Just don’t stop chewing. You will run into obstacles. They’re called opportunities. You will bump up against constraints. They are fonts of creativity. You are not in control. Our clients are. They are the experts. They will hold you accountable. They will grade your performance.  So, always show up. Put in the hours. Hustle when no one is looking. Invest that extra bit of wisdom, thought, and love to make things happen. Set your personal performance bar higher.